Mix It Up Fashion

Here we will show you how to make great fashion outfits for barely any starcoins and stardollars. We will try to use all the stores in starplaza. Please leave suggestions or if you want us to use your medoll, as a comment under this post. Thanks.
The first outfit is a nice cheap party outfit. It has clothing mostly for starcoins, and some other stuff for stardollars.

The Dress is made of clothes from Basic. All you have to do is buy two complete sets of a shirt and skirt. (30sd,40sd). Any Colors, but I would chose one set white and another any color.

Next we have black shoes from Rio that cost 40sd.

For the accessories we have Flower Pearl Earrings (40sd) and a Chiwawa Pendant Necklace (50sd) from Glamorous.

Also you can have any hair and makeup for this look.